VIEW SAMPLES:   Please begin by reviewing two important areas on our website, "Advertising & Promotions" and "Client Samples" to assist you in determining the endless possibilities in custom 3D artwork!
Complete our online Project Specification Form
If possible, please email a rough sketch or layout of your idea. Please send any artwork we may need to reference for the hidden 3D image and for the 2D visible pattern (logo, product, reference photos, other), in any of the following PC file formats: .tif, .jpg, .psd, .pdf, .ai, or .eps to You may also send us links to web pages.
We will review your specifications with our Art Department. We will then submit a quote to you by email. Quoting a project is done on an individual basis. It is based on the licensing rights for usage and the time and complexity to create the artwork. Our images are created specifically for the final output size quoted in order to insure the effectiveness of the 3D illusion. Licensing fees may apply for retail items.
Our 3D images are licensed for a specific period of time, or for a one-time use. Once a quote is approved we will send you a License Agreement for signature, along with an invoice. The License Agreement includes your image specifications and use. Production of a custom image usually does not commence until we receive a signed and dated License Agreement along with a 50% deposit. The remaining balance is usually due within 30 days upon receipt of the final artwork. Payment may be made by check or wire transfer. If payment is made by wire transfer an additional $20.00 fee per transaction is required. Instructions on "How to See 3D" will be provided in the License Agreement for optional printing.
We typically require ten business days to produce the final artwork. Once completed, we will notify you by telephone or email, and then post a low resolution version of your custom image in a secure location on our Magic Eye website for you to view. Upon your approval, we will post the final high resolution image and hidden solution as tif files for you to download.
Our images are viewable without any special equipment and may be used on virtually any flat medium using simple, traditional, printing techniques.
Our copyright ©2018 Magic Eye Inc.  must appear along the border of the licensed artwork on all final output. If a different copyright line is listed in your license agreement you will be required to use it.
Our custom 3D illusion images are created specifically for the final output size quoted. Should you desire use of the images for other applications, an additional License Agreement may be required. Our Art Department reviews all uses carefully. A re-sizing fee may be charged if re-sizing an image will be time intensive.

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